Turning 30 with pride.

It’s official, it is my last week in my 20’s. In the last couple years I have been dreading 30. It sounded so old to me. Not being in my 20’s scared me. And then year 29 came about. I wasn’t sure if I would make it to 30, as scary as that sounds. There were many days when I questioned that. Cancer is terrifying but humbling. I am so grateful to be here and so darn grateful to be turning 30! It feels like an honor and I will wear it with pride. I will enjoy every moment and make many amazing memories. I am feeling pretty good and getting back to half normal. Justin has started a new job so we are getting adjusted to that. I have started a million projects at home just to make up for lost time, I suppose. Enjoying every second. Little Miss Savanna is keeping me on my toes allllll day! ha. My birthday is Saturday and I am having a party to celebrate. I want to celebrate turning 30 and being alive! I want to thank everyone that has been there for me on this ride and who continue to support me. So here is your invitation. Come on over! If you want to come, let me know so I can have enough food! The more the merrier. Seriously, come! Celebration time! Here I come 30!! Woo woo!!  

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