Chemo #5

Chemo #5

All right, 5 down 1 to go! Chemo really sucks. But I know it is killing each cancer cell in my body and I’m getting healthier everyday. Along with all the other crazy stuff I’m doing; I know I’m getting better. Sometimes I need a kick to remind me of that. I’ve met some amazing ladies on this crazy ass ride, from all across the U.S. Locally, and in far away states, but all in this together. Some currently in treatment, some recently finished and some are years out from treatment. They all give me hope. They all give me strength. We all are fighting different battles but at the same time, the same battle. I have moments of panic or anxiety and whoever I reach out to knows exactly what to say to help me. Whether it’s 3:00pm or 3:00am, and I will always be here for you ladies as well. This is a sisterhood. One I never wanted to join, but dammit there are some great women in it. I have made life long friends. I look forward to us all beating this and continuing to beat this for many, many years to come. For those currently in treatment, I can’t wait to be at your NED party. And everyone will be invited to mine!! I look forward to it. I know there is still a long road ahead of me, but no worries, I got this. We got this. Thank you to everyone that’s been a positive on this ride. I owe each and every one of you a huge hug and I intend on making sure that happens!

My 2 favorite women in the whole world!

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  1. This “thing” really sucks. I’ve learned so much about you over the last few months. We’ve come along way since that “day”. I’ve always knew you were a strong woman, but man… Your so much stronger than I’ve ever imagined. The people we’ve met along this ride are amazing. I know we have a rough road in front of us, so far I would have to say the score cards show 5-0 Kelly.. Your truly inspirational, and i know your heart, i know your going to advocate for this, and be there for all the woman who were in the same position as you. Through the last few months, I’ve done some things most husbands who’ve been married for years have never done. It’s truly an emotional and trying time. The emotions are really unexplainable to somone who hasn’t personally been effected by this. To where were at now to where we were seems like ages ago. All because of you and this “thing” i know were better people. I love you beyond word Kelly.. Im ready for 2017.. Lets do it, Savvy Joe, you and I. I take nothing for granted now..

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