Here we go!

So it’s been a day.

A pretty big step in this crazy ass ride we are on. I met with my first surgeon. It was quite nerve racking. In September, a surgeon felt so far away, and now it’s time. I have one chemo to go and then surgery. How crazy! I can’t believe it. Time has flown a record pace at the same time as it has taken forever. I’ll never be able to describe the last few months perfectly. It’s just bonkers. I’m still waiting to wake up. For now, I deal with it as I can. I met the surgeon, she was so very nice. If I go with her, I will feel nothing but taken care of and comfortable. But I still will meet one more this week to be sure. It’s crazy the questions you think about and ask when you are talking about literally taking off body parts. I still can’t quite wrap my head around it. I’m not sure I will until it actually happens.
I feel like the best thing I can do, besides getting better and kicking cancers ass, is learn from this. I went in on a need to know basis. I didn’t want to know certain things, and still don’t, but I still have learned so much. About cancer, nutrition, the human body, the human spirit… it’s quite incredible. No one wants to learn about cancer, until you have it. I will be there for the girls that have to follow behind me. Although, I hope everyday I wake up to a cure. But I will teach what I know to anyone who will listen. I’m still learning everyday. It’s a new adventure everyday. No one day is the same with cancer. But I try to find laughter and happiness in every day. I’m so very grateful for all I have in my life. So, I will focus on being as healthy as I possibly can be. I will take this next step and kick its ass too. I’m confident with the people I have in my life supporting me, I can do anything.

Bring it last chemo, be gentle please! 🙂  One more week to prepare for it! January 18 can’t come soon enough!

Without fail, she makes me smile & laugh everyday. I cant thank this bundle of energy enough for all she’s done for me. My heart is so full with her in my life. I love you Savanna Jolene! ❤
Shoutout to this homie who just got back to us! Thanks for coming to help take care of me. I appreciate all you do! Love you! #youwouldntknowtheybarelyhaveanyhair #ilovewigs

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  1. It has to be terrifying but know you are more beautiful than your parts. God bless you and know my prayers and thoughts are with you every day. Kick ass Kelly.

  2. You are an amazing person for staying strong and positive during all of this! Your fight is awesome to see and is such an encouragement for those around you! Thank You for sharing your journey!

  3. I am proud of the person you have chosen to be on this journey. Cancer does not define you, it how YOU chose to live with it and you are doing remarkable!!! Always here for you

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