I love you dear husband

My darling husband wrote this to me today. He’s a keeper.


My love, time is flying by. Our baby girl is 20 months old, our Dogter turns 6 and it turns out there is a light at the end of this tunnel.
Its been a whirlwind of emotions the last few months, but yet we’ve found a somewhat groove to slide by in. Together we know that this groove is only temporary, we know their are ruts ahead.

Through all this you’ve amazed me by still being a mother, a wife with little to no complaining on whats going on with your body, emotionally…. well thats another story. Visually, to most with a quick glance all appears fine, your still vibrant, beautiful and outgoing as always. They don’t see and feel what you do, what I do. Most don’t have the worry of tomorrow, or how emotionally draining every single day has been since Sept 19, 2016.

Not many 29 year olds have their husbands shave their beautiful head while crying together the entire time. Not many 29 year olds have a child that needs constant attention while battling the the effects of this ” THING”. Not many 29 year olds have to contemplate the future, our scheduling their lives around appointments that supposedly are to make you better all the while suffering from the effects of these appointments. Massive bumps all over that pop and blister, not being able to breath out of your nose due to all the scabs, stys on your eye lids that make it uncomfortable to blink, worrying about every thing in your body that hurts and most recently in the stomach area due to at our last appointment the doc said something about a spot on your last PET scan. **(I’ve only had one PET scan, so far)**

Yet, your here, your fighting, your positive not complaining, even though you have more right than anyone. You wake up with with our daughter, take the dogs out, make breakfast, lunch for yourself and Savvy. You go grocery shopping, you make dinner, you somewhat clean the house, (lol) take care of a 20 month old (which is no easy task) all the while staying positive and reassuring of all people ME, that your getting better everyday. Although we’re far from being back to normal, Im pretty sure we both can agree this is us now. We cherish everything now, all the small things are more meaningful, and I truly believe you and I have that in common. Most people can’t say that.  I believe you, I believe in you. I love you, I will always love you. We got this… Kelly Cantrell.


Yes, my love, my husband…we got this. With you and Savanna on my side, I can do anything.

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  1. He is a keeper. I pray for you every day and understand a little of the emotional roller coaster. you are strong and loves make you stronger. God Bless you three.

  2. Kelly, thank you for sharing Justin’s emotional, wonderful, outstanding letter. Talk about LOVE. You both are inspirations for all of us. You and he are our inspiration.
    Praying for you, Justin and sweetie-pie Savvy.
    Sending love your way, and hope it helps even a little with the suffering you are going through, both physical and emotional. Justin’s emotional struggle I pray will be eased as well with everyone’s good thoughts, prayers and love.

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