Radiation Celebration

Another chapter done in this crazy roller coaster called Inflammatory Breast Cancer. Chemo, surgery and now radiation DONE! Yey! I have some hormone therapy left for a few months and then years of a pill but, the big hard stuff is out of the way! Now just to let my body heal.

It’s been through a lot. I’ve learned a lot about food and the body over the last year or so. I learned that I wasn’t being kind to my body before, and I plan to change that. I have been making changes and I hope to make more. It’s a constant battle everyday, but one I intend to take seriously and continue for my entire life. I want to live a long, healthy life. I will do everything in my power to do so!

I do believe cancer was a wake up call for me, in a lot of different ways. So, peace out cancer, I never want to see you again, but thanks for how you changed me.

Being out of full treatment can be challenging emotionally, but I have great people to help me. I have good moments and crazy moments. Going through the rough times of cancer is super hard but no one can prepare you for after cancer. It is beautiful, amazing, eye-opening and incredible. It is also terrifying, confusing and hard. As jumbled as it is, I’m so very grateful to be alive and able to feel and figure out all of these emotions!

The day I finished my radiation, I had some people over to celebrate! It was a long month or so and it deserved a mini-party. My hubby was away training for a new job so he couldn’t make it, but he did make an appearance on FaceTime. 🙂 Thank you all that came to celebrate. I love you all. Support of family and friends helped get me through this and I’ll never be able to thank you all enough! I didn’t get pictures with everyone because I was busy enjoying myself! I’ll try harder next time. These amazing moments with family and friends are a reason I fight so hard. I want to have(and will have) many more times like these and make great memories with everyone I love. It’s such a gift to have to know that this is what truly matters. All the amazing people that are helping me through this. You are what matter and I love you.

My #1 Reason. <3

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