What a day…

Today has been one of the most emotionally exhausting days in a very long time. I’ve been a wreck because I knew my pet scan was today. Sleep didn’t come easy last night, or for the past few days for that matter.  My mind is just running everywhere. Did the chemo work? Has it spread? What’s this new pain…what’s that…could it be? Oh crap, that’s a new bump, what’s that? Everything is something at this point. It’s overwhelming and can drive a person crazy. I’m so lucky I have amazing people around me. People that know how to talk me off the ledge.

My husband is amazing. He seriously deserves an award. He has been so great through this. Justin, thank you, for everything. I don’t know what I would without you. You and Savanna are my rocks. I couldn’t do this without you. Special shout out to Tricia and my mom for holding down the fort and for hanging with Savanna.  You guys are amazing. And to Jennifer-my person, my carrot, there are no words. Thank you.

So I got to my treatment center and got all checked in and ready for my scan. After a few meltdowns, I made it through the scan. Thank you to Thelma for being there for me. I’m telling you, Thelma is so amazing. Best nurse navigator out there. She knows what I need and when it. Especially when it’s a hug, she’s there.

Justin and I had a mini date of lunch and cupcakes and headed home for the dreaded wait. They say anywhere from 24-48 hours. Luckily, I have an amazing doctor who called me less than 6 hours after my scan.

As soon as the phone rang, I got butterflies. Doctor seemed pretty upbeat when I answered so i was hoping that meant good things. I did ask if she had good news, she said yes. She went over the whole scan with me, down to the medical details that I don’t understand. The radiologist that read it was very thorough and compared it to my last one so there was a great frame of reference.

Over all conclusion, complete response and it had not spread anywhere else in my body. Thank GOD! I asked her if there was anything she was concerned about and she said no. Seriously? Complete response?! The chemo worked. All the natural stuff I’m doing works. My prayers worked. I’m on such a high right now, I can’t put it into words. I know I still have a long road ahead. As far as I know, I still need surgery, radiation and long term meds. I don’t see that changing, but I will talk to my doctor again next week when I go for hormone treatments.

I feel amazing. I feel so loved and so very grateful. Thank you to all that prayed and please continue to do so! Thank you all for all the positive thoughts and messages. Cancer bulldozed its way into my life, but I’m happy that I hit right back and knocked it down! I will never be grateful for cancer, but I will always be grateful for what it has done for my life.

I never want to take anything for granted. I don’t know if there will ever be a day that I don’t think about it or wonder if its back. But I will live everyday to the fullest and enjoy it as much as possible. And I will continue to live as healthy as I can. (With the exception of the red velvet celebration cupcake)


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  1. Congratulations Kelly!! I’m happy, proud of you, I’m smiling and will continue to pray for you everyday. You deserve all the good things in life. Love you

  2. You will one day not think about it every day. I promise. I’m always thrilled to get my msmo letter stating it’s clear. 21 years later. I could and have written the same letter. I will tell you prayer works. God is always faithful and He knows our every need. Bless you Kelly!

  3. Kelly, we are so thrilled to read the wonderful news. So many prayers answered, and our prayers will continue for your renewed health each and every day. Love you all.

  4. This made my heart smile. You are a very blessed woman. I pray every single night and always will. I wish all the good in the world to you.

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